Friday, January 27, 2012

The Narrow Way

Matthew 7: 13,14  You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate.  The highway to torment is broad and its gate is wide for the many that choose the opposite of the Lord’s way.  But the gate to life is small, and the road is narrow and hard, and only a few ever find it.

The Narrow Way, the way to eternal life, the way of the Lord are descriptive terms used for the path to be taken to conquer, within ourselves, Christ’s last enemy; death.  The choice is ours to make; life, with a future, on earth, with Christ as our King and High Priest or death and who knows what really lies beyond the grave.  Placing Jesus Christ as our greatest influence to understanding the future plans of truth, this tremendous price paid, for us by Jesus is for the transformation of mind, body and soul to a perfect form of spirituality and fit for immortality, only ‘He’ offers.  By giving us a heart like His and developing His Spirit within us we learn to wear His image perfectly and become His Ambassadors for the cause of righteousness.  The value of being Christ’s disciples is an investment that lasts for eternity and yields incredible rewards through hope in a future employed by Him.  Great enduring health, and indescribable happiness in what we do for Christ; to dreams of reigning with Christ upon His return is the quest we now travel with all perseverance to endure whatever is before us.   In our experiences to discover others transformed in this way; we have found a very few who press past physical material wanting to surrendered humility as servants of Christ and the satisfying of spiritual hunger that is the driving force in us to obtain the truth.  The world has it sway and for most; death is the choice of faith.   On this path, where difficulty and suffering creates unthinkable joy, we realize that we have come to the attention of our Lord and are being refined through fiery tests that perfect us as representatives of His Kingdom.  We are chosen and employed by Him, while we wait for His return to the earth to rule and reign forever.  Getting in a relationship with Jesus; deep enough to operate in what’s going on in the Spirit at all times is an extremely difficult endeavor because suffering is the qualification for honor and glory with Him.  The absorption into His power is completely necessary for us to take action in the spiritual reality.  As we aggressively pursue His ways of love in action as our occupation, written down in the Bible, we remain hopeful of meeting Him face to face.  This regeneration process is what we work for who fervently act in complete trust and believe in the Lord’s endless love and take pleasure in the perspective that the greatest event imaginable is Jesus Christ coming back to the earth at any moment.   Fanatical, freak, mad, insane, and crazy are inevitable labels all believers wear from those who know nothing about honor with God.  Jesus living among us in our every day lives is the decisive heart desire of all who become His Ambassadors.  We, on the narrow path, who are undergoing this transformation to share His characteristics and agape’ love; do realize that the majority of humanity still do not recognize or value such feats of bravery and courage to advance a future of liberty and justice for all!

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