Thursday, March 1, 2012


As we started to search for the truth about conversion, we began to recognize that our every day experiences were a demonstration of our Lord’s power in using us to state a simple spiritual fact to change the course of thinking back to Jesus. Our deeper search, as always came full circle to the simple and the obvious conclusions.  A lady came into the hardware store to get a fax sent to her insurance company.  Angie felt the anxiety in this woman’s spirit.  When the woman mentioned Jesus, which is always a sign to us that an opportunity to share faith has been orchestrated by Holy Spirit; Angie began to ask Him for His will.  This woman had cancer and was fearfully checking out her insurance options.  The words Angie was given were, “maybe your faith is more in cancer than in Jesus to heal you”.  Her spirit calmed down as she turned her faith back to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  Dis-ease in the body is always an opportunity to correct our thinking in some way.  Since Jesus abolished death, what is there really to fear anyway?  If we know Jesus, personally, we will go to be where He is at.  And I assure you we don’t need to be sick to get there.  When these situations occur (divine appointments) for us, we grow in our own redemptive process and loving relationship with Jesus, by confessing our faith in public.  We are spiritual thinkers, which to man’s worldly thinking, is foolishness in how we have come to fully trust in what we cannot see.  Jesus is the source of our understanding the truths that dominate our spiritual existence.  Even our strength to leave fear out of the equation we live by; is His power within us. 

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