Wednesday, February 13, 2013

" The other day while I was heading home from work,  I managed to save my car and a couple others.  Thank you God!!!  As I came to the bottom of the overpass, a truck and trailer had to stop before he turned off the highway because there was oncoming traffic, so I pulled up behind him and stopped.  At that same moment I looked in my rearview mirror and noticed 2 other vehicles coming over the overpass kinda fast.  As I glanced forward I instantly had an urge to look in the mirror again, and noticed they weren't slowing down, they didn't even notice us all stopped at the bottom.  As I was watching, both of them slammed on their brakes, and were skidding right for my car, definitely was going to be a four vehicle bumper to bumper collision.  I only heard GO, so I cranked the wheel right, stomped the gas and managed to squeeze around the corner of the trailer onto the shoulderMiraculously  me getting out of the way, gave those Two other drivers enough room to both stop shy of rear ending the trailer and each other.   They definitely both looked freaked out,  but glad nothing really bad happened,  So I drove away thanking Jesus for guiding me through unscathed along with everyone else.   My car I'm sure loves me a lot.  Whew!!!"

                                                                                                         -- Mario

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