Thursday, February 28, 2013

Synchronicity, even in seemingly dire circumstances. My car broke down coming home from work last night. A familiar story which usually leads to anger at your car for not functioning, fear of being stranded, and uncertainty as to what to do. Not for Gods people. In these situations, is when I see His loving kindness and mercy for us the most. My car radiator blew a crack in it, and we slowly coast to a perfect pull of area on the side of the highway. My commuting buddy Brain and I were almost too calm about this. We casually get out and pop the steaming hood allowing the engine to cool. A man in a big truck stops to see if we are ok and we reassure him that someone is on the way to pick us up. After leaving the vehicle with our ride I call the NHP to notify them that I would return for my vehicle in the morning light and they were very appreciative and helpful. Upon returning with the truck and trailer, generously offered by a friend, to the car in the morning, we find that we had parked right near a perfect access road to pull in the trailer. The car starts just long enough to pull on without a hitch. We then drove it home and rolled it off into its perfect parking place. Now thats how God makes a seemingly terrible situation, into one that reflects His love through the people willing to help, and the perfect synchronicity of His divine will. AMEN!

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