Thursday, March 14, 2013

We must confess that waiting on our Lord is not easy! But he answers all prayers in his time and shows us grace, always, and ill tell you why!! this last week has been full of trials, from quitting a job to dealing with an unloving friend to a car breaking down, not to mention poor zoey has been waiting on a tooth to come in!In all of these things i can see it is God refining our faith in him! we learn that the less we resist his ways the less suffering we have in what i like to call "his shuffling". I call it shuffling because it seems like many things happen all at once but when life calms down and the dust settles its incredible to see how in synchronicity all of you trials and the results from them, align. 
this is how it worked out for us- we prayed that buddy would be happier and love what his job was, without resistance he quit his job, this resulted in less stress, and more time for family.God blesses his decision to choose him over the world, Him over money, or title, or pride. it linked up with another trial we were going through, that of the unloving friend, by choosing to quit he was able to leave with feet of peace and his result was an alleviation of frustration, making more room for love! which again linked us up to the third trial, the car breaking down. this was how God graciously knew our hearts and made it easier to follow him with out resistance. when the car broke down we took it as His sign to us that what we were thinking lined up with his purpose.with out the car he could no longer easily go to the job that ate up all of his time! It ushered in a way to answer prayers made months back as well!! we prayed to have a way to venture into nature and enjoy our family time there, we saw that answered when the car broke down! it opened a door for his father to show a grand gesture of love and give us a truck, we were also able to trade the car for a 4 wheeler. our puppy Jack ( who really is a fully grown dog!) came out blessed the most! We got time, happiness, a way to nature, and a way for jack to run freely along side his daddy! Thank you Jesus! you way is the Best way!

oh and zoey's first tooth finally popped through!!

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