Friday, August 1, 2014

Knowing what Jesus is doing in your life and the lives of loved ones around you is revealed through prayer. Spending time in his presence, time set aside, time through out your day, is how you get to know him and understand his perspective. Its how you develop in yourself righteous thinking, and feeling (orthopathos) The Holy Spirit suggest to you in your time spent with him what he thinks about things.

My lifestyle example
Recently some people have been placed in my life. If I looked purely at the physical, their actions and the words they speak (or don't speak for that matter!) I would from my logical mind believe that they were a looooong way off from God.
But God is bigger than my logic!! So the Holy spirit would have me know how wrong I was. He reveals to me in my prayer time how much he's already done with these beautiful souls! He tells me what he continues to do and what I can do when opportunity presents itself. He also shows me what part my actions have already done. In this case, living a life dedicated to God and aspiring to his righteous ways gives these souls another representation of God that contradicts what they've experienced before. It replaces the distaste for church and religion and gives a renewed thinking to them that God is loving, and he loves them. If we believe it so much to tell them then maybe its worth considering. The way God shows them this through my family is through the gift of hospitality that he has truly lavished on us! I find it best to serve God through your gifts. By creating a safe place out of my home open to anyone at anytime for people to come and be themselves it helps people feel comfortable enough to open up and realize their own feelings toward God. It can be, when they are ready, a starting place for their own relationship with Him! Its so exciting to see it develop more in myself through serving him and these souls. And even more exciting to see how he woo's these souls into developing their own relationship with him!!

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