Monday, January 9, 2012

We are saved by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony

     Angie witnessed to a man about Your way of doing things and I heard You say that this man experienced repentance; a broken and contrite heart where true healing happens.  Thanks, Lord, for giving us understanding on how her life was used for Your Kingdom! 
The precept of Christ’s covenant she stood on, tells us to be ready when times are favorable or unfavorable to give the reason for the hope in us. (2 Timothy 2:4)   The conversation they were having was about her hope in home schooling her children verses His experiences with religion.  After he told her of a German family who kept their kids out of school for religious orthodoxy, she defended the spiritual concept by stating that her godly motivation was without any affiliation to church orthodoxy, but the soul responsibility of every parent is to teach their own children the way they are to go in life. (Deuteronomy 4:10, 11:19)  The question she proposed to him was, “Did he hang out with and take advice from people who opposed his belief in God?”  His answer was, “Of course not.”  She cast down his imaginings with the simple statement, “then how could he justify sending godly children to a place that blatantly professes to the leaving God out of their curriculum”.  This led him to share his personal testimony about sending his daughter to a catholic school at sixteen where she was raped and never talked to him again.  She is now forty-three years old.  As a progeny of holiness, Angie was ignited in her compassionate heart, with the fire of the Spirit to stand confidently in the place of Jesus Christ, just as He worked for us in understanding Father’s plan to release us from our sins committed in ignorance.  She told him that he was in no way guilty of any wrong doing toward his daughter.  All people advocate what they believe in whether Jesus Christ, religion, education, government, medical or any other established institutions.  Our actions speak louder than words in where we place our faith and we reap what we sow. (Galatians 6:7,8)  His hope was based on the right motive and love for his daughter in giving her the very best godly education he possibly could with his obviously under developed relationship with God.  The proof of his motive is that he paid a lot of money for her advancement in holiness and could not possibly be held responsible for the trials his daughter fought him so hard to have.  We each must bear our own burdens by carrying the cross of Christ.  Every true believer in Christ has a horrendous testimony of much tribulation in entering the Kingdom.  And all who endured give a similar testimony that goes something like this, “that with every trial they went through their trust in Christ grew and strengthened them to become an advocate for Father’s plan of redemption that they grew to trust in”.  He began to weep, right at the counter of the hardware store, while other people at the counter were talking and waiting to pay for their purchases.  She said they were locked in conversation with each other, eye to eye, the seat of the soul.  This spiritual event was the only thing the two of them were even aware of.  This religious man had carried his burden long enough and Angie had the message from Jesus to let him lay it down.  His last words to her were very profound.  He said, “I am for home schooling and I am for you!”  Did he realize the work for his soul in Jesus Christ in that this was a divine appointment orchestrated through the hands of our Almighty Father in the perfecting of his own faith?  Did he understand that he was released from the demonic deception he was imprisoned in for so long? (James 5:15)  We’ll let you decide.  His heart was definitely open to receiving mercy and the loving forgiveness of Jesus Christ through one of His finest advocates!  She is a very virtuous woman, trained by Jesus Christ, Himself, and doing the work He chose her for.  I personally testify to the last fact as one who has known her all her life and has developed a godly relationship with her.

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